Day One

Just finished watching (more like “crying through”) the first episode of Jillian Michaels new show that had the couple with the two kids and the third child who only lived a month. So sad.  After the show ended, I cleaned up the kitchen – still crying.  Finally to distract myself from negative thoughts, I began listing the things I accomplished today:

  • Completed a project at work that I’d procrastinated on for a month.  (go, me!)
  • Worked out at the gym today – which makes it two workouts in two days!
  • Cleaned the kitchen.  It’s sparkling!
  • Grocery shopped at lunch which saved time after work – so that I could work out.
  • Tidied the bathroom.

Listing those accomplishments helped the tears stop flowing.  Then I started thinking, why do I live with extra…things in my house…and extra pounds on my body.  It’s because I don’t think I’m worthy to live in a tidy, spare house and live in a strong body without extra pounds on it.

I deserve that!!

So here it is, Day One.  I can’t do this alone.  Wanna join me?

My plan is to do the flylady basic morning and evening routines and include 15 minutes of decluttering per day. I figure I spend more time thinking about decluttering thand doing it. When really, I could just spend 15 minutes a day and NOT think about it further.  There are deeper and sometimes more fun things to think about!  (hmmm..like a bubble bath as a reward for cleaning the bathroom….. or a new LivingEtc magazine for bringing my lunch most days to work……. or walking around the lake with friends).

So (taking a deep breath).  Here.  I.  Go.

[dives in.]


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