Woo hoo. Am not alone. Someone sent me p…

Woo hoo. Am not alone. Someone sent me photos of their current home challenge. Paperwork. No kidding. With that in mind, I’m tempted to gather up every single piece of paper in this apartment and putting it in a box labeled “paper”…so that I can sort through it. Hmm…there’s an idea. I should put like with like.

My favorite organizer, Laura Cattano in NYC, helped me with a closet I’m dealing with…She suggested I either store my clothes in my bedroom (like I want to do – despite having a huge walk in closet in which I feel claustrophobic) and use the closet as a storeroom…. but not to mix up clothing closet and storeroom…keep like with like.

She got to the root of my problem BY EMAIL. She doesn’t know this, but I’ll have a container and it’ll contain mail and some nail polish along with a magazine, a cute coin purse, and some candles. No wonder it’s all overwhelming!

I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. What’s your challenge with your home?


2 thoughts on “Woo hoo. Am not alone. Someone sent me p…

  1. My biggest challenges are a) finding time, b) making myself actually clean (I HATE cleaning!), and c) letting go of things. I have an unnatural desire to hold on to everything!

    1. I’m so not a fan of cleaning but it’s a fact of life *sigh* I do love the flylady *digest* emails because she puts encouragement in every one. and with 500,000 other people following the same routines, you never feel alone 🙂

      but yeah – cleaning and letting go….two not easy things to do!! I bet you can do it though!

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