simple, pretty bedroom vs. clothing piles

Anna at Door Sixteen has a great guest bedroom…one I’d like to have for my own bedroom!  Here’s what my bedroom currently houses:

  • Clothing on the bedroom floor
  • Clothing hung up in the huge (but to me: claustrophobic) walk in closet
  • Shoes on the floor of the bedroom and closet
  • A dresser with five drawers that holds about four items right now
  • A galvanized shelving unit that was in my dining room but is now holding clothing and storage boxes of miscellaneous things.
  • The one neat thing in the room: a tidy nightstand with a pretty bedside lamp on it.
  • One unmade bed.
  • One fan – used at night for white noise

My goal is to spend 15 minutes a day in this room – to declutter it, straighten up the contents that remain, and finish decorating it.

Meanwhile, I’ll gaze at these bedroom photos for inspiration.

images: door sixteen


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