saved $24.99 on saturday

I was at World Market with a birthday coupon (Save $10 on any purchase over $10) and was wandering the aisles to find something I really wanted to buy.  I found this beautiful floral shower curtain for $30, making my part “only” $20 with the coupon.  I carried that shower curtain in my basket around the store for a half hour.  When it was time to check out, I chose not to get the shower curtain because I have a perfectly good one at home.  This new one was not a need but a want.

A few hours later, I’m picking up some things at Walgreens, and I see a very cute 1,000 piece puzzle for $4.99.   I grab it up and almost buy it, but then I remember the two unopened puzzles I have at home.  Down goes the about-to-be-purchased puzzle.

I normally pick up little things that appeal to me, and perhaps that’s why my bank account is going down via nickels and dimes!

Am I the last to realize what’s a need and what’s a want?*

*I have pared down my monthly budget to just the needs, having given up cable TV and the pricey gym, but it’s now my weekly spending that needs to be fine tuned.  Obviously.


One thought on “saved $24.99 on saturday

  1. I think the shower curtain is lovely, and I would be ok with buying it if I donated my old one. The puzzle reasoning I would agree with. But I understand if you are trying to be frugal, both decisions make sense.

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