have you met my roommates?

So, I thought I lived alone, but it turns out I don’t.  I have roommates called regrets.

  • I regret not going to my water class this morning to see if they were having class despite the lightning occurring outside.  I chose an extra hour of sleep instead.
  • I regret not getting motivated before now to get rid of the body clutter and apartment clutter.
  • I regret keeping people at a distance and acting all happy when maybe I was happy inside and maybe I was hurting…. who could tell?!

I just watched last night’s episode of “losing it with jillian” and the dad felt like a failure because he didn’t think he could do anything perfectly.  I know how he feels….well, felt…as he’s changed now.

I’d like to run at things with gusto – and try them….whether or not I succeed.  So if I want to lose 20 pounds in three months and I lose 18….it’s still 18 pounds gone.  If I try to workout 20 times in a month but only make 16……it’s that many more than the zero workouts that would have happened not long ago.

I’m rambling…and hoping you see where I’m going with this.  I can do it. I can get clutter out and I can let go of pounds and fears and anxieties.    It’ll take prayer and hard work but it can happen.


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