Project Closet

closet update #1

good morning!

here’s a photo that is on my desktop for July.  It’s from Deco My Place.  Each month they send out an inspirational photo along with a calendar for the month. Both months I’ve used their photos as my desktop, I’ve decluttered more and kept up with keeping certain clutter hotspots clear.

closet update #1: My bedroom and closet goal were to choose if clothing  items were to be stored in the closet or in my bedroom (on a rolling rack or in a wardrobe). I chose the bedroom. Then a friend suggested I put up a curtain in my long, narrow walk-in closet to divide the clothing area from the “store room storage area”.  Great idea, so I started on it Monday night.  Cleared out everything from the first 1/4 of the closet and separated items so that like was with like:  clothing, shoes, misc items in a few small boxy containers.

Last night I began the sort of clothing..finding things I didn’t know I had…. and finding many things to donate to a favorite thrift store.

The plan is to babystep my way to a clean, pretty, organized closet and bedroom.


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