organizing solutions

holy cow!  I’ve never read an easier organizing book than Organizing Solutions for People with Attention Deficit Disorder. (if you click the link, you’ll get to a site where you can peek into the book!)

I don’t think I have ADD but the more I read the book, the more I realize I already follow the steps laid out, which makes me wonder, “Could I diagnose myself with ADD if I am doing all the recommended storage ideas for a person with ADD?!”

Here are some ideas from the book and what I already do:

  • Keep washcloths and kitchen towels for the kitchen underneath the sink in a basket. Can include sponges as well.  [I do this already.] What made me laugh out loud was the author’s suggest when a kitchen cloth is ready to be laundered to “toss the cloth in the vicinity of the laundry room” so that you pick it up on your way to the laundry room.  HA! I already do that. I toss the used cloth over the kitchen counter/bar area to right outside the laundry area which is in the bathroom.
  • Mentally “name” shelves (on a bookcase or in a cupboard) so that the one type of item goes on that shelf. I recently discovered this.  I was organizing clothing into a bureau and designated the first drawer for *only* underwear.   That has simplified my life! The author recommends naming shelves on a teen’s bookcase like “books”  “memorabilia”  “schoolwork” and recommends not crowding the shelves.  I need to name my kitchen cupboard shelves…. there are too many items together and they need to be separated!
  • Use hooks instead of hangers when possible. I love hooks and have some installed with more ready to be put on the wall.  Would rather hang up clothing items and bags on hooks than tuck them away out of sight.
  • Use containers in the closet without the lids as it’s easier to add and remove items from an open container. This has been my challenge.  I have some big ol rubbermaid bins that are up on the main closet shelf but then I stack another on top of it.  Do ya think I want to try to get to the bottom bin and even see what’s in it?  I can totally see that if I had a closet shelf lined with big, open baskets or boxes that are clearly labeled, I’d lob items into the correct place with ease.

The goal in organizing when you have ADD or someone who has ADD is to minimize the steps it takes to do something. One woman in the book writes that her husband will not put something in the trash, so he leaves out banana peels, food containers, etc. on the kitchen counter.  The author suggested the trash receptacle be brought out into the open to make it easy for the woman’s husband to toss in anything that needs to be thrown away.

I’m halfway through the book and cannot wait to finish it.  It’s going to help me have a gameplan for The Closet!

Here’s a photo of a teen girl’s room with a before/after photo of some shelves.


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