how’s that for a specific post title?!  my nemesis, if I am using the word correctly, is and always has been “stuff”.  That’s right… a drawer full of coupons, a hammer, some matches, a treat bag with a twist tie closer, and a menu for a restaurant that’s closed.  Welcome to my world.  My baskets are junk drawer baskets. The drawers are all junk drawers. (whoo..am tired.  kept typing “drunk drawers”..not sure what THOSE are exactly.)

I browsed through some photos online of just “stuff”  or “miscellaneous stuff” and found some messy photos….who needs to see that on this blog?

anyone else have little stashes of  Stuff?  I end up sweeping odds ‘n ends into a basket, thinking I’ll go through it later, but later usually means two years down the road.

I did do a couple good things tonight:  completely cleaned the kitchen and am listening now to the hum of the dishwasher…..and cleared off the dining table which is really the first thing you see in my apartment.    It’s cleared off and a garbage bag is full.  What will really be impressive is if the bag is taken to the dumpster when I leave for work in the morning.

What I’m really saying is that I need to apply the principle of  keeping “like with like”… and tossing out the junk that isn’t needed.

Easier said than done.


One thought on “stuff

  1. I love the notion of drunk drawers. The mind can really soar with that!

    I have stashes of “stuff” that seem to litter desktops, drawers, etc. Why keep it? I’m not sure, but I think it’s time for a bit of tough love with the stuff.

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