Project Closet: 7:50 + 8:50 PM

7:50 PM

This is not fun. Did I think it would be?!!  Glimpses into the cleared out closet make me smile then I  take a few steps and see the full living room.  Feels like cramming for a final…not being able to stop because there’s more to do.

Accomplishments since this began at 3:00  PM:

  • Cleared out the closet’s floorspace and hanging items in 30 minutes.
  • Said cleared out items were put in categories to make sorting easier.
  • Three banker boxes of clothing, one of “inspiration pages” (from magazines) and one of “memories” have been filled and put on the closet shelf.
  • Four containers of “stuff” have been sorted through and two large black garbage bags filled with items I’ve been storing instead of tossing.
  • One box is overflowing – ready to take to the thrift store tomorrow.
  • Made dinner of baked salmon and rice.  Leftovers will come in handy this week.
  • Put one IKEA shelf unit back into the closet where it holds clothes for this season.
  • Filled  a box of papers to shred.  Will get a quote from a local shredding service. Hoping my measly box will not cost too much to shred.  (I’ve burned through two shredders in five years. Not wanting to burn through another one.)

Here’s a photo of something white  – a room not filled with stuff and more stuff!

End of Day One.  8:50 PM

At this point, I say “Come on it, Mr. Owner and Mr. Roofer.  I’m reorganizing, so don’t mind the clutter.  You do have clear access to the attic.”

pardon the cell phone photos.  doing these updates quickly but it still works!  You can see the progress!


4 thoughts on “Project Closet: 7:50 + 8:50 PM

  1. This looks so great! I love the purses hanging on the wall! Is a roofer really coming, or is that a metaphor for something??

    1. No metaphor. A roofing repair guy is really going through all the upper units this week sometime – after tenants have been given 24 hours notice. I was lucky to have the inside scoop so I have more than 24 hours to get ready. Not that it has to be perfect but it would be nice to have the building owner see a neat, organized apartment. 🙂

  2. Very nice photo of ‘after’. It warms my heart. I love semi-opague white storage too. It looks classier than plain white (if plastic can be classy!) and you can see what’s in there but it still looks uniform.

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