Project Closet

real time: Project Closet has begun

greetings!  were you wondering if I was still around? still organizing? I was in a bit of a funk for a week..just going to work and going home… not doing much.  but I was given a kick start on Friday when I was given a heads-up that there would be a roofing contractor and the OWNER of my building coming through sometime this week to get attic access (to see the extent of the damage all the rain has done).  Attic access is through the master bedroom closet…which you know is my weakness.

I procrastinated all weekend and at 3 PM today (Sunday), I began.  Spent 30 minutes clearing out the entire closet and placing items in the living room by category:  clothing, shoes, bags, paperwork, linens, shelving units AND the biggest category: empty containers – mostly from IKEA.

Am taking a break to drink some ice water and post this update.  You’ll get updates in real time with the honest, untouched photos.  Seriously. How did I end up with that much stuff in that one closet?!

Okay – back to work.   How’s your weekend going? Any organizing/decluttering progress?


3 thoughts on “real time: Project Closet has begun

  1. I’ve been working steadily on the dresser drawers — purging unwanted items and tossing half-used stuff that is never going to be used.

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