Project Closet

project closet: the end is in sight!

My bedroom and closet have not been this neat and clean since the day I moved in (three years ago)! The closet is almost done. And I need to tidy up the top of the dresser. But I have tons of floor space! who knew?!

what’s absent from these photos is an office half-filled with containers of all sorts – IKEA storage boxes of all sizes, tins, baskets, banker boxes.  I may end up selling the whole lot on Craigslist. are some more (cell phone) photos of the bedroom and closet.

I put a cute shelving unit in the corner of the closet and put some orla kiely containers on the shelves to hold scarves and a collection of pretty coin purses and pouches.

here’s a mini photo of actual floor space in the bedroom!

The more I put like items with like tonight, the more I noticed how many projects will be created from this massive decluttering.   For instance, now that all “inspiration pages” are together in one banker’s box, an action item for the box contents would be to put all pages into a binder or series of binders or folders.   Next on the list after  the bedroom and closet are the bathroom (cupboards and closet), kitchen (cupboards and closet), office (the pile of containers in there), and then the car (trunk has interesting items in there), and a garage storage locker.  The fun never ends!


4 thoughts on “project closet: the end is in sight!

  1. I am so enjoying your wardrobe posts. Those floral containers are so cute, and a great idea for scarves and purses. It must be such a pleasure to walk into your wardrobe now.

    1. Thank you so much! I can’t believe it’s the same room and closet! I used to feel closed in when I entered the closet, but now, I can find what I need and look forward to making the closet prettier!

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