(hoping OSD doesn’t stand for anything bad)

Today is an official Out of Sorts Day.  Was running late all morning, arrived at the office late (of course), with wet curls, glasses on, white shirt over dark denim capris…. and in flip flops.    Had to quickly scrunch hair in the restroom, switch flip flops out for flats, and hope for the best.

Don’t need my glasses at the computer, so I take them off. Then when I walk around the office I forget to wear them, thus am squinting at everyone.

And it’s cold in the air conditioning (way better than having no A/C) and without a sweater to wear, I have a denim jacket.  So…. it’s also Denim Suit Day.  And no, it’s not 1978.

Just sayin’ it’s one of those days.  Ever have one?


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