carpets + cars

Carpet Confession: I don’t steam clean my carpets enough, and I’m in a rental. Mystery spots abound in the dining and living rooms . The building owner was in my apartment yesterday for an HVAC issue, but rumor has it he freaked out over the spots in the carpeting.  My first instinct was to feel badly about it and get upset, then I realized “The owner physically survived a visit to my apartment, and I am now aware of the problem and will research solutions.”

I rent a condo in a building where some rent and some own their own condos, and mine will eventually be sold so the concern is  will the carpet need to be replace for the next condo owner?  I had to tell myself, “This was not a final inspection before I move out. I have no intentions of leaving, and he just happened to see my carpet mid-year-long-lease. AND I’ve been there 3.5 years. It’ll be okay.”

But it is kicking my butt to do something about the carpeting. Is it worth it to rent a steam cleaner from the grocery store?

Car: Had a tuneup this week on my 12 year old Honda, Sophie, that I’ve driven for nine years. “She” has three oil leaks, one that needs to be repaired pretty soon.  My brother was recommending I look for another car, but I soon realized that putting what would be one or two car payments’ worth of dollars into a repair is cheaper than getting another car.  But between my brother’s pronouncement and my coming to my senses about keeping the car, I panicked and wondered about getting another car.  Used cars are expensive!

That’s my week.  How is your’s going?


6 thoughts on “carpets + cars

  1. 1. That is AMAZING carpet!
    2. Love your site- just came by way of miss minimalist
    3. Speaking as a landlord and a past renter, wear and tear on carpeting is to be expected. I hate when landlords try and stick it to tenants over that sort of thing!

    1. I know. Me too. I’ve gotten used to hardwood floors. Sweep and easy clean, then you’re done. The last apartment in which I had carpeting – one roommate or another in that apartment had held the lease for over 10 years, so we didn’t have to worry about carpeting when we moved out. I have to say….good news! I used this “rubba scrubba” from the flylady website.. and it’s getting out the spots beautifully! It’s hard work to scrub each spot BUT it’s fun to see the spots disappear. THANK YOU for stopping by here. 🙂

  2. Grocery store steam cleaners work okay. They work about as well as the home models you can buy for around $100, so if you will use it often enough it makes sense to own one (especially one of the little handheld ones that you can use to spot clean as spills occur). A professional carpet cleaner will get the carpet CLEAN (almost like new). In my experience they end up costing twice as much as renting a machine yourself, but it ends up more than twice as clean. The carpet cleaning places ALWAYS are running deals so if you keep your eye out you can even get it more inexpensively. I also got a massive discount once for asking the property management company to refer me to the cleaners they typically use for move-outs. I got the rate that the property management co gets instead of the joe schmoe rate, which was about 30% off.

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