thinking minimally this week

miss minimalist's bedroom

wait…that doesn’t mean I’m limiting my thinking to the minimum. hmm..methinks it’s really that I’m focusing on minimalist living this week.  ahhhh there we go.  this cold must really be affecting my ability to string words together into sentences.   (I spent the weekend with family and hugged and kissed all the kids even though they were sick.  Am paying the price, and it’s okay.)

I just read Rowdy Kitten’s interview with Francine of Miss Minimalist.  Her words just make sense.  Now I’m thinking… Why do I need four vases in the kitchen or piles of stationery or office supplies?

It has been good to enjoy a tidy bedroom and closet but now comes the time to go through containers (one at a time) from the outbox area.  I get these mindblocks when even thinking about going through boxes of “stuff” (misc items all jumbled together).  Can’t I just toss them all?!

One good thing about being home with a cold is there’s time to streamline my belongings, yes, but also time to lie on the couch and watch a new-to-me show, Leverage.  Am addicted to it and have quite the crush on actor Christian Kane who plays Eliot.  I love the entire cast and am particularly thrilled that there is no wasted dialogue.  The team works well together and is really funny (talking about you, Parker).  For free  I borrowed the first season of Leverage from the library and will soon borrow Season 2.

christian kane as "eliot"

Am off to the couch now with my toy story 3 kleenex box, water glass and a bottle of ibuprofen.  Enjoy your day!

edited: just saw that the photos are both of frowny people.  they really are funny to watch. trust me.  it’s laugh out loud funny.  I also love the cons and heists they do.


2 thoughts on “thinking minimally this week

  1. Oh, sorry you are sick. That’s no fun………….feel better soon.
    I love Miss Minimalist’s bedroom, but don’t think I could handle my bed on the floor (too old!). 🙂

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