Dream House

simple storage + decor

This is what I’m talkin’ about!  In my ideal world (where is that actually?  may I please go there?!), I’d have pretty painted walls (not like in my rental now where painting is forbidden), big pretty containers for storage, and just a few pieces of furniture that I really, really liked.  Am working on that in my current apartment but my dream world would look a little somethin’ like this – minus the Barbie dolls but including an apartment and a camper for Barbie, maybe, just sayin’. And oh yeah – I might be that skinny little brunette (Eva) that is pictured below instead of the curvy blonde that I am now. Okay – I’ll just take the great jeans she’s wearing and keep the curves and blonde hair.

images of Eva’s apartment via OWI


One thought on “simple storage + decor

  1. Gorgeous……..I would give up my painted walls for the beautiful dark floors and white trim!!

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