creating a home for “things” or for people

I have been reading books on “stuff” and “hoarding”…and a couple things have stood out.

1. Do you create your home for things (storage, display, reference, etc.) or for the people in your life?

This one hit home for me in the sense that I have a cozy little office that friends used to love to sit in on the loveseat by the window and just relax – alone with with other friends. Now the office is home to my “outbox” of items. Thus..it’s temporarily more for things than people.

I also have a kitchen table to go to a young couple marrying in December, and yet I let it remain in my living room – adding to the “apartment as a storeroom” vibe that visitors get.  Not exactly the look I’m going for.

2. People who hoard can have attachments to things or feel protective of the things. Either way – indecision abounds when they are faced with letting go of an item.

I am doing this. I look at a pile of things to make decisions about and even though I have a clear idea in mind of bare surfaces, minimal belongings and so on, I don’t deal with the items that need to be handled. I just do something else. But avoiding the task doesn’t help the situation.

So that’s where I am now. I don’t have that many things (an office with a small pile of items to go through and some empty baskets and containers, and a closet with neatly organized “stuff” in boxes but really, most should just be gone.

NOTE TO SELF: When googling images of piles in the office, do not (I repeat, do not) merely google “piles”.  You will get results that will burn the images into your brain forever and ever.


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