office contents

no photo for you..too embarrassed right now.

my office is my “outbox” (to hold items I’m not sure about)

Here is the actual list of items in my cozy office off the living room:


  1. ikea paper lamp
  2. collapsible bin holding about 25 items “to put away”
  3. big IKEA box full of binders, mail, little baskets, etc.  – “stuff”
  4. empty sweater box above the ikea box  recycled
  5. three box lids  recycled
  6. wicker laundry basket holding papers of all kinds   emptied
  7. banker box filled with empty containers (like cute ikea tins)
  8. three plastic tub lids  tossed. they were orphan lids
  9. cute aqua collapsible linen bin – holding:
    1. an ikea container holding games
    2. two empty baskets – given away
    3. an unopened ikea set of three aluminum tins.  Set given to my sister-in-law, Maya.
  10. Five-wire-drawer ikea storage unit
    1. one drawer holds some bed linens
    2. one drawer has some papers and a reusable shopping bag
    3. one drawer has some banker box lids
    4. one drawer has two hanging sweater bins
    5. top basket holds a big ol clear bucket holding a white, hanging sweater bin
  11. Banker box holding something. (must check that out)
  12. Banker box holding tins and an unopened set of ikea document boxes
  13. A box holding four empty boxes
  14. Three wire crates stacked and holding:
    1. photo albums
    2. yearbooks
    3. photo albums
  15. Antique dressing table that used to be my desk
  16. holds books + a tin of electrical cords and tech cords
  17. Two lacke shelves on the walls above the dressing table:
    1. white ikea box holding mail or coupons or something
    2. three books
    3. two binders
    4. five ikea cheap magazine holders
    5. two sets of ikea tins (nested in each other)
  18. Blue ikea cabinet – holds small items (is okay the way it is – pretty bare)
  19. bookcase holds books, sheet protectors in an ikea box, a box of “media” items (full banker box – should donate some of the items),
  20. Computer desk and chair – desk holds computer, speakers, mouse and keyboard.

Thoughts on this:

  • Too much IKEA. I should have found non-ikea containers from thrift stores or family and friends – to creatively store items at home.
  • Too many unopened, unused items.
  • Am doing okay with my desk. It’s pretty minimal!
  • Don’t even want to look at the main pile of stuff (Items 2-14 are in an eight foot span along one wall.) Guess it’s time to babystep through straightening it. (The movie that made babysteps famous is my all time favorite movie:  What About Bob.)

Deep breath.

Here goes.

First babystep.

UPDATE: Gave two sets of unopened tins from IKEA to my sister-in-law Maya (some striped, pretty ones and then some aluminum shoe-box sized ones) along with a basket I got at Pier 1 years ago. I’d already given Maya two of them, she now has a third. I think I have a fourth somewhere at home for her!

Recycled quite a few orphaned box lids.

Gave away some books and set aside some DVD’s to be given back to their owners.


6 thoughts on “office contents

  1. Consider it done. Took 12 photos..and in the one of desk – you can’t tell but it’s your email on the screen to me 🙂 Will post before/after photos when the office is all cute and tidy.

    1. Yes, sometimes we just have to unload the things we’ve gathered — even if they are unopened, or if they could be useful in the future. We’re living in the now.

      1. I totally agree Gina. I hate the comment, “do you know how much I paid for this?”………………ummm, yeah– well it’s a problem/not getting used now.

      2. It felt good to get rid of those items. I have to say, I would maybe have used the tins I gave Maya but I had forgotten her birthday two weeks ago so I kind of said “Happy Birthday! Would you like these items from IKEA?” Have to also admit that I could give up those unopened items because I had a collection of 10 tins (!) already unused. Maybe the local goodwill is about to get an avalanche of IKEA items 🙂

        Oohh..good phrase…”living in the now”.

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