the “must pare down my apartment” bug

I’ve got it.  The bug.  The fervent desire (wait..is this a romance novel or a blog post?!) to get stuff out of my apartment.  The other night, I looked at the items remaining in the outbox section of my office and realized – some of it is storage and some can just leave right now!

Out of three boxes of paperwork that needed sorting, only one remains.  Then the towering row of items that was once overwhelming will now be down to three empty wire crates stacked up and a wire shelving unit from IKEA. (photos to be posted when all is neat and tidy and you can see the before/after).

Am planning my evening – and can’t wait to eat dinner so I can jump back into sorting the final box of paperwork and putting everything away that I can.

I took two boxes of items last week to Goodwill and gave a box of books to a church staff member.  Am working through a stack of books that I always meant to read.  One such book I always felt I should read – something about a mind/body wellness connection – turned out to be full of chapters about chronic fatigue syndrome and other illnesses.  So I donated that book to Goodwill.

Ack.  the urge to declutter is so strong I cannot even form sentences that make sense!

hang in there with me if you will.  Or post all the decluttering advice you can think of. I need the push to just finish the office.


8 thoughts on “the “must pare down my apartment” bug

  1. I’m hanging out for before and after pictures too! Imagine that outbox space with NOTHING IN IT. Just a big, clear, empty corner. Wow.

  2. I get the same bug, usually when I am stressed or just cleaning. Keep up the good work; can’t wait to see the before & after photos! I need inspiration 🙂

  3. I have had this urge as well. I wish I could just walk away from all that I own and start fresh with nothing. That is not reality, so like you, I have been working a bit at a time to let go of items I do not use and/or love. Keep up the good work, and I cannot wait to see the before/after photos.

    1. It is appealing to think of walking away and starting with nothing…but that’s not really practical for me. Am simply going to have to use this increased urge to pare down – and finish it all up. hopefully.

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