office: before & after

office wall - AFTER

As promised here are the before & after photos of the office area!  Here we go!

BEFORE: I’d emptied out a walk-in closet and put many things in the office as a temporary holding area.  That didn’t last long as the sheer volume of the piles was overwhelming.  I took “before” photos hoping that the “after” photos could be taken quite soon.

AFTER: It took a couple weeks but the office is back to being an office.

office - before
office - bookshelf - before
office - bookshelf - AFTER

To get the extra items out of the office, I took four boxes full to Goodwill, recycled a pile of older IKEA storage boxes, tossed a stack of orphaned lids that once belonged to plastic storage bins, gave away a stack of books to the library, a stack of books to a friend and emailed friends to offer them five hanging clothing/shoe organizers from IKEA.

Papers have been removed from three big bins and  recycled, shredded or set aside to file; most of those pages are inspiration pages, financial pages to file, and memorabilia.

Next on the office to-do list is to hide the computer/cable wires which is another post in itself.


7 thoughts on “office: before & after

    1. Thanks, Gina! The wire bins are from the garden section outside a local antique “mall”. Got ’em for $5 each and they still had dirt and feathers on them.

  1. FANTASTIC!!!!!!! That has to feel wonderful. Is your plan to downsize to a smaller apartment?

    1. I would like to. I don’t need all the room that I have now. I could have a roommate and would probably turn the office into a bedroom!

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