yearbooks – keep ’em? store ’em?

Hello, lovelies!

It has been quite the roller coaster morning despite its early hour.  Am calmer now and thinking about yearbooks. (Who doesn’t think about yearbooks after a part heated/part emotional discussion with a friend?)

Did you keep your yearbooks?  If so, where do you store them?

I have my late dad’s yearbooks  and my moms, mine and my brothers. I should give my mom hers and give my brothers theirs.  That leaves three of my dad’s and five of mine (high school and college ones plus one from elementary school overseas).

Plus I have a huge, heavy bin of photo albums.

What to do with all of that?


2 thoughts on “yearbooks – keep ’em? store ’em?

  1. I have my yearbooks. I think they’re in the attic. As for photo albums, they’re stored there as well. All of this begs the question == why? Why am I keeping all of this if it’s not accessible and viewed frequently? Eventually, I’d like to scan the bulk of my photos. That’s a project for “one day”.

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