simple, light-filled Japanese home

Yumiko's Bedroom

Hello! I have so not forgotten about you but will admit to having a season where I had a fog-filled mind and wasn’t focusing on home stuff as much.  But I took care of some life stuff, pared down my schedule a bit, and am embracing the start of winter.

Now each night I cannot wait to get home to change into comfortable, cozy clothes,  make a simple, fresh dinner and then curl up with a book, magazine or a DVD.

When I ended a too-pricey-for-my-current-budget membership at a local gym, I suddenly felt free (free from the monthly fee and free from guilt over not going often enough)!  Add to this a recurring dream of wandering my house trying to find home for items that are misplaced and it adds up to my having more time at home and a desire to bring more order out  of some disorder.

I have had fun clearing spaces in the kitchen and keeping the counters and cabinets clear and orderly.  The bathroom has remained tidy and clean which brings a smile to my face.

Along those lines, I have to admit I’m smitten with this apartment in Japan that is all about light and simplicity.  I breathe easier just viewing the photos of bare floors and few furnishings.


3 thoughts on “simple, light-filled Japanese home

  1. When I saw this apartment, my jaw dropped. There’s a warmth thanks to the wood and the soft colors, but there’s so much “air” in the apartment. I like how it’s got a stripped-down, but organic look and feel.

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