lists or feelings?

lists….or feelings? which do you go by when you want to get something done at home?

I have friends and family members who adore lists and live by them daily.  Our email exchanges and phone conversations include what they want to get done that day, evening or weekend.

Inevitably they ask me what I will be accomplishing during that time and I will respond with “nothing” – or list what I will be doing – such as taking a bath or reading.  Not sure why yet but the idea of having a list in front of me has such weighted expectations that I can’t bear the idea of creating one for an evening.

“Ahhhh”, my friend Nicole said, “I get it.  You like to let your environment speak to you to show you what could get done.”    You could say that.   When I have some free time at home, I like to sit down on the couch, peruse the living/dining/kitchen area (all open plan) and see what things jump out at me as “ugh” items… (like when you open a drawer and go “UGH – this drawer is a mess!”).  Then I’ll tackle those.

I should add that I am a creator of lists for things such as: a packing list, a gym bag contents list, a grocery list, an errand list.  What I don’t write up are lists that say     Sweep kitchen floor  // Dust // Vacuum stairs // Declutter front closet // Find 27 things to declutter (although I am a fan of flylady and her routines).

How do you decide what to work on next at home?

While you think about it, I’m going to insert some of my favorite organization photos here……


3 thoughts on “lists or feelings?

  1. Ooh I love that photo with the white wicker baskets. I had to laugh at your faux to do list. It reads like one of mine. I think I would be 80% lists, 20% feelings, since Rona said we can be a combo. Ticking off things is so much fun too. Great post.

  2. This is great! I think I’m a combination of the two? Items that I don’t want to forget/are necessary I put on a list (‘descale the kettle,’ ‘iron shirts,’ ‘complete two pages of essay’). The list provides accountability, a sense of urgency, a desire to tick off tick off tick off. Which is its own inspiration to get them done. Items of leisure, things I don’t NEED to do (but I WANT to), I don’t put on there. So my fun things–the bubble bath, the movie, the magazine–I leave up to feelings.

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