snow day

cozy on couch

Finally got the flu that has been going around for weeks so it was a stay-at-home weekend which worked out just fine. Here you see where I spent most of Monday while watching a film (Brothers Bloom), reading, napping and occasionally venturing over to the table to the left of the television to work on a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  (those buggers are tiny pieces….who knew?!)

snow day
snow day

As you can see from my deck, it was also a snowy day – which made being inside all the better.

That’s a wimpy snow photo. Here’s a better one taken at the office of the picnic table out back.  I find the untouched snow beautiful.

the organizer that is now empty and on its way to the thrift store!

This weekend I did clean out this five-drawer cart that had been sitting there under the kitchen counter for a year.  (wow…long time).  I cleaned it out and was going to keep it and kept coming up with reasons to keep it -but realized I’d rather just get it out of the house.  So it’s on its way to Goodwill!

How was your weekend?


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