sizzling hot spots

Friends, meet the four “hot spots” (as FlyLady likes to call them) that live in my apartment.  Starting with the top left photo and moving clockwise:

  1. Top o’ the Stairs: The cart + bin are for Goodwill, the blue IKEA bag is a collection of items from my car’s trunk, and behind those is a Christmas Day bin that needs to be emptied which is on top of a bin holding a sewing machine that’s on loan from my sister in law. Since the photo was taken, the Goodwill items have been taken care of.
  2. Area Near the Top o’ the Stairs: Welcome to the spot where I dump a work bag, a gym bag and a box that arrived at work from an item I ordered. The box should be recycled, the work bag put on a hook, and the gym bag in the bathroom closet.
  3. Magazine Central: A bin of torn-out magazine pages and magazines to go through.
  4. The Counter Near the Stairs: Coupons, keys, mail, matches and candles seem to party here.

My real-life-apartment.

The good news is that when I look for items to give away, it’s becoming more difficult to find anything to donate!  That, my friends, is cause for celebration.


6 thoughts on “sizzling hot spots

  1. I think you’re so brave to show us your hot spots! I have many more than four I’m sure. Never mind paper breeding, magazines breed like rabbits at my house. I have many torn out pages and magazines awaiting tearing also. Good luck to the both of us (and you too Nicole!).

    Does Fly Lady have a magic solution? I get bamboozled at her website. There’s so many things to look at I forget what I came for.

    1. hmmm..maybe I should have done a more wide-angled shot for each show the clear counters and surfaces around the hot spots! The good news is that three of the four areas have been taken care of. Next is that pile of magazines and the bin of magazine pages. Seems it could be freeing to toss the whole lot into the recycling dumpster but I know there are issues of Domino magazine in there and some torn out pages that are really beautiful. Perhaps I should work on those 15 minutes at a time and make a dent in the piles!

      FlyLady doesn’t have a magic solution but she’s an encourager who has been there – once living in Chaos and now living an organized life. I love that her focus is on keeping the house neat and clean with quick routines so that you have time left for family, friends and whatever pursuits mean something to you. If you visit her website and check the left column, she has a “beginner babysteps” section.

      Also, if you sign up for her emails, get the “Daily Digest”. It is one email a day and contains testimonials and the day’s morning/afternoon and evening routines. I work during the day, so I adapt the routines to fit my schedule.

  2. LOL…………small world. I am coming to the end of all that I can declutter myself. My new project is making my pantry beautiful. Weren’t you going to downsize to a smaller place after the holidays?

    1. I too am working on my kitchen….I’ve left it the way a friend set it up when I moved in three years ago..and now need to personalize it for myself.. rearranging a few things.

      Good memory, Jill! I thought about downsizing but for the rent I pay and the amenities I have (underground heated parking with a storage locker, radiant heat included in the rent, all appliances including washer/dryer in the huge bathroom, a nice size walk in closet, large deck) I really couldn’t give the place up. So I’m settling in for at least another year.

  3. I swear my paper piles breed when I am not looking! LOL. Maybe ours just vacation at each other’s houses on varying weeks! 🙂 Let’s see after pictures!

    1. Photo #1 has an “after” photo I could take.
      Still working on #2 – #4!

      Paper piles. ugh. why if I pay all bills online do I still have PAPER?! 🙂

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