People matter more than things I’m simplifying spaces…

People matter more than things.

I’m simplifying spaces at home to have more time with friends such as a recent spontaneous afternoon with friends Anna and Jocelyn (pictured above before we all put our cell phones away!). We took a Saturday afternoon to get lunch and go shopping.  I love that having a minimal home means more time with friends and family with no “home guilt” (examples: “I should be home doing laundry” or “I should be mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors!”)

Valuable.  This word keeps coming to mind when I pick up items that have no home (yet) in my apartment.  I recently decluttered my kitchen table so that it could be used again.  The messy tabletop contained grocery store mailers, coupons, the latest netflix DVD, items from a trip to China, and a journal, I thought, “How valuable am I treating these items??  I let them take up  valuable space in my small apartment?”  I treated those items as if they were special instead of the truth: most went to recycling, some items were put away, and a small pile was tucked into a tiny bin marked “memories”.

It’s the same thing when I declutter and end up with black trash bags of garbage to be tossed and I think, “I was storing all of this in my little home?”

What are you storing in your home that is taking up valuable space on what could be clear surfaces or sparsely furnished cupboards?


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