Before Bed Routine


Hello! I have missed you!

This week I have been focusing on flylady’s Before Bed Routine (BBR) as she calls it – and what I call plain ol’ getting ready for tomorrow while it’s still tonight.  That way I can stumble out of bed half-awake and yet be dressed in clothes that look great and walk out the door with a yummy smoothie in hand.

To smooth out the morning routine, I prepare the night before by arranging the smoothie dry ingredients on the counter next to the blender.  In the bathroom, I put out the items I need to clean/scrub  along one part of the counter and the makeup along the mirror – in order of use.

Seriously. Going for no-thinking-in-the-morning.

Here’s what that looks like each night.

Kindly ignore the hot spot that brews on my kitchen counter each night.  I dream of one day having perfectly clear counters!

What do you do at night to prepare for the next day?




2 thoughts on “Before Bed Routine

  1. Hey there, thanks a bunch for the terrific blog post,
    it’s really a brilliant one. I am certain that I have access to a lot of loved ones which will be interested in scanning this. Cheers!

  2. Welcome back!
    I agree, getting stuff ready the night before makes such a difference. It makes the mornings go smoother! Looks like you are super prepared for the next day–awesome!
    Glad to see a post from you! Have a good weekend.

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