office supplies + cozy (but spare) rooms

My office at work has been piled up with papers on every surface – which is driving me crazy. So when an office supply order arrived this morning, I jumped at the chance to tidy up the shelf that I’d revamped two years ago and had barely touched since.

Things at home have piled up again.  Just call my bedroom a teen’s room  – with the pile of clean clothes and a pile of other laundry ready to be folded and put away.  (Note: I am able to toss dirty laundry into the duo-sorter that fits neatly between the washer and dryer.  It’s folding and putting away the clean items from the dryer that I procrastinate on.)

Speaking of procrastination……at work yesterday I put off one task that someone left for me to do. I put it off and off and off – until the afternoon when I sighed and resigned myself to just spending 15 minutes on it to start it.  Oops!  Turns out the task could be accomplished in a mere four minutes.  Lesson learned.

Overall, words are just words.  I can promise you here forever that I’ll post photos of my organizing projects and never do it.  Therefore, I’ll stop with the promises and just do it – organize and take photos – feeling that I’m not alone while doing it – you all are with me in spirit!

Ooohhh..motivational photos.  I’ll find some of those.  (click on photo for source)

Hmm..seems this warmer weather of spring is having me crave colors of all kinds!

Cozy, colorful bedroom


One thought on “office supplies + cozy (but spare) rooms

  1. Bonjour S! Our little office out the back of the shop is driving me nuts at the moment, but I ‘think’ I don’t have time to organise anything because we are so busy. I’m sure if I just put everything to one side and did it, it would take me much less time than I thought (like you found) and I would be more productive afterwards. A thought for a Monday!

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